The Huntsman Winter’s War Movie Review

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7 Responses

  1. Thanks for your review. You are so funny that I barely thought about this article as a movie review. I felt like it was more of a conversation with a friend. It’s still very helpful though. I’ve been thinking of watching this movie, because like what you said, I’m kinda bored and have nothing to do. But maybe your right, I’ll just wait for it in HBO. More power to you!

  2. Natawa ako kahit hindi ko masyado naintindihan yung ibang mga salitang ginamit. Damang-damang ko parin yung emosyon mo sa pagkukwento. Hindi ko na masyado binasa yung dulo dahil ayaw ko malaman ang ending. Pero sa kabuuan, salamat parin sa iyong artikulo. Tawang tawa ako sa paraan mo ng pagkukwento. Naalala ko tuloy ang kaibigan ko na kagaya mo magsalita. 😀

  3. Haha good thing I didn’t watch this on the big screen. I’ll just wait for it to come out on TV 🙂 Sayang naman yung pag hire ng powerful cast kung di okay si direk

  4. Veeyah says:

    Hahaha, ayos! Thanks for such a witty, humorous review of this movie, haha. I am now more convinced I should just wait for it to be produced on DVD or for download on iTunes. I knew the costumes and direction were great, but story-wise, I wasn’t sure about it being fantastic. Nakakatawa ka! Haha. If only my head doesn’t spin whenever I read Tagalog, I would’ve read every word 🙁

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